Welcome to Kindergarten May 24, 2017 @ 9:30 am

A reminder to our new K parents that WTK is next week on May 24th at 9:30 am in the school gym.  Invitations went out this week by phone.  If you were not contacted or did not get a message, please do contact the school.  Any parents who have yet to register are also welcome to come as registration can be completed on site.  Any questions about WTK can be directed to the office at 250-785-2025.

Thank you to Parents

Thank you to the numerous parents who have contacted the school this morning regarding posts on Facebook with photographs of a man on our playground yesterday morning working out on the monkey bars.  The individual in question was told to leave by Administration and did ultimately comply with that request.  Administration did immediately follow up with the RCMP yesterday as well as this morning. The matter has been dealt with by the RCMP.  Student safety is paramount.  Incidents like these are taken very seriously by the school    I wish to thank you all for your concern and support.

Welcome to Kindergarten Change

Due to a lack of TTOC coverage, the WTK originally scheduled for May 25th has been re-scheduled for May 24th at 9:30 am; parents will be getting a phone call this week to confirm your attendance.  If you have yet to register for September 2017, please feel free to stop by the school.

Week of Diversity

Thank you to all parents in our community who attended our Values Assembly on “Diversity” as part of our first annual event this morning.  This week, teachers and students will be working on various classroom-based projects about diversity.  There are also school-wide activities such as indicating your origins on the world map just outside of the library as well as celebrating individual attributes on the “Did You Know That Board…”

This Thursday at 10:50 am, the School District Aboriginal Drummers and Dancers will be performing for our entire school.  The presentation will take us to the lunch bell.  We are most excited to host this incredibly talented group of young people.  All parents are welcome to attend!

Lost & Found Items

There are a large number of lost and found items that have yet to be claimed.  Please feel free to stop by and collect items that may belong to your child.  Items that are left over will be donated to good will.